Nova Scotia Business Challenged to Reduce Waste

first_imgENVIRONMENT/LABOUR–Nova Scotia Business Challenged to ReduceWaste Businesses that aggressively reduce waste can expect more profit,enhanced corporate reputation and new opportunities. Environmentand Labour Minister Kerry Morash delivered that message today,Oct. 22, at a breakfast meeting marking Waste Reduction Week. He told the audience of business leaders in Halifax that newbusiness models based on low or no waste are the way of thefuture. He said these models have been embraced by majorinternational corporations and are beginning to take root in NovaScotia. Mr. Morash cited the recent venture between Ocean NutritionLimited and Wilson’s Fuels to distribute a furnace fuel that’sbased on fish oil that used to be dumped. He said turning wasteinto opportunity takes “vision and creativity, and a willingnessto look beyond your current business model.” Mr. Morash said government is doing its part. The provincialenergy strategy commits government to incorporate energyefficiency into building renovations and purchases. Corporatefleet purchasing will also be influenced by energy efficiency. “Nova Scotians intrinsically value environmental responsibility,”the minister said. “They demand it of government and they expectit of business and industry.” Waste Reduction Week runs until Sunday, Oct. 26. It is sponsoredby the Clean Nova Scotia Foundation and Nova Scotia Environmentand Labour.last_img

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