Aftermath of the Danforth shooting spree

Chris Christodoulou was at the front of his quite full restaurant when he heard the shots.“Instead of consecutive noises it came bam, bam… bam. we said, ok, it’s shots”.They rushed customers to the back and to the basement. Christodoulou went down the street to see if he could help.Now he’s busy taking reservations, and customers are thanking him for opening his restaurant.Nicholas Kapelos is glad his new restaurant was under construction. The hoarding has become a giant memorial that will be saved. Other businesses are still fixing the bullet holes. New glass was installed at a coffee shop.Many business owners are still too shaken to speak publicly. The owner of Second Cup was called back minutes after he left on Sunday by his panicked staff. The shooter fired once into his front door and twice into the big window luckily, no one there was hurt.Many locals say they made new friends today and they cried with old ones.Locals say this tragedy has not changed the Danforth, except to make it stronger.

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